Natural Secrets for Anti Aging

August 4, 2009 by admin  
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Anti aging has been one of the most talked topics all around the world. This hot topic talked in and around the world has many natural ways of treating it. Mostly people used to go for chemical treatments, because they are unaware of the natural tips. The chemicals may contaminate your skin and promote your aging process.

To prevent form adverse effects of chemical treatment, natural ways are best preferred in these days. The best to go for is the nutrition and diet. What you intake is how your body works. The healthy life needs certain minerals and protein in their food control.

The vitamins are rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. These further promote you being young by controlling the anti oxidants present in your body. The anti oxidants are responsible for cell dying. The carotenoids, proteins present in carrot and other vegetables are essential for skin cells.

Fat content in your body will increase your body weight and make you look aged. Try losing fat by regular exercise. If it doesn’t feel good for you, just play an outdoor game and sweat more. If you are fond of exercising go for gym and kill the toxins present in your body.

The more you expose yourself to sunlight, more your skins cells die. Try to cover your body well with outfits. Wear sunglasses for protecting skin around eyes. Skin should be cleaned or rinsed after your exposure to sun. It makes your skin cells feel fresh and cool.

Try natural treatment with sandalwood, turmeric and milk products. The cucumber can be cut as slices and placed on your skin for a while. Similarly treat your skin with cool water or ice. Limit it for few seconds and continue regularly. Massage your skin with natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil and take a sunbath a week.

Hydration is very essential for skin. The oxygen should be supplied for the cells whenever needed. Never make your skin rough and dry due to lack of oxygen. Water is the best source of oxygen. Hydrate your body with water all thorough the day.

Certain habits like intake of alcohol and smoking can promote aging process by increasing the normal death rate of cells. Avoid such habits. Stress free life is also an anti aging treatment. With yoga and meditation you can be tension free. Make yourself comfortable with enough sleep. Though aging can’t be stopped, by practicing these tips can slow down the aging process.


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